Clams Seaman’s Style

This is a traditional clam-dish quite popular all over the Spanish coast, particularly in Galicia and the Cantabrean coast. There are –naturally- different ways to cook it. Each región has it’s very own. This is how they are cooked in Biskay.

As a side dish we suggest plain white rice.





250 gr raw clams, wilth shells
1 garlic clove
olive oil
1 spoonful white flour or bread crumbs


Chop separately the garlic and the parsley. Poach the garlic in olive oil during 4 min.with low heat The garlic has to remain White. Add the clams and the flour (or bread crumbs) and putt he heat at mid temperature. Have a dish aside. As son as the clams open, take them out to the dish so that they don’t cook excessively until the last one has opened. Add salt to taste to the sauce and the chopped parsley. Finally, add the clams, heat them softly and enjoy them.

There is no need to buy the most expensive clams, following this recipe they will be fabulous anyway.

It is important to purge them first of all leving them at least half an hour in water with salt to clean the sand they might have.

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